ZEPPELIN ROCK: John Mellencamp - Plain Spoken (2014): Escucha "Troubled Man" (adelanto)

martes, 19 de agosto de 2014

John Mellencamp - Plain Spoken (2014): Escucha "Troubled Man" (adelanto)

John Mellecamp tiene ya en el horno su vigésimo segundo disco de estudio. Se llama Plain Spoken y ya tenemos portada, tracklist y un primer adelanto, que no es otro que el tema (acústico) que abre el álbum, "Troubled Man". Os dejo con todo ello.


Troubled Man
Sometimes There’s God
The Isolation of Mister
The Company of Cowards
Tears In Vain
The Brass Ring
Freedom Of Speech
Blue Charlotte
The Courtesy of Kings
Lawless Times

En la página oficial de Mellecamp se exponen las siguientes detalles sobre el tema y el disco:

"Plain Spoken commences on the acoustic guitar hum of “Troubled Man” as Mellencamp carries a pensive and poetic chorus. Organ and harmonica punctuate “The Isolation of Mister” with a sense of vibrancy, while “Tears In Vain” features a twanging guitar solo and the singer’s unmistakable delivery. The haunting and heartbreaking beauty of “Blue Charlotte” lingers with emotion. There is “The Courtesy of Kings”, which is driven by banjo and Mellencamp’s poignant lyrics and the bluesy swing of the album’s conclusion “Lawless Times” where his cinematic lyrics bristle with energy matched only by the six-string screech. Plain Spoken is set to be hailed as an unparalleled new chapter in Mellencamp’s distinctive songbook".


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