ZEPPELIN ROCK: Queensryche - Frequency Known (2013): Escucha el disco por streaming

jueves, 2 de mayo de 2013

Queensryche - Frequency Known (2013): Escucha el disco por streaming

Hablaba en la entrada anterior del nuevo disco de Queensryche sin Tate, del que ofrecía artwork y tracklist, e insinuaba (solamente insinuaba) que el que se habían marcado los Queensryche con Tate (sí, ya sé que es un lío) con ese Frequency Unkonow me había molado cantidubi. Como sé que muchos de vosotros aún no habéis accedido a la escucha-aperitivo previo a la compra he visto que se puede escuchar por streaming Musicmp3.Ru. De modo que os lo dejo para ver qué opináis. Dadle volumen.

Pincha AQUÍ para acceder a la escucha de

El disco ha sido presentado por la banda con estas palabras:

After 30+ years of music making, most bands are content to simply trudge along, putting out the same old type of album again and again, trying to recapture the glory of days past. Not this band, not Queensrÿche. With every new release, Geoff Tate and company push themselves into new directions, new sounds, and dizzying new heights. The result is that Queensrÿche is just as vital and musically relevant today as they ever were. Even when they revisit older ideas, as they did in 2006 with the long awaited sequel to Operation: Mindcrime, the result was one of the most thrilling releases of their extraordinary career. Now, a new chapter is about to be written, a new album, and a new line-up that unites frontman Tate with a stellar group of new players and seasoned vets. Arguably the heaviest version of Queensrÿche ever assembled, the band not only wrote and recorded the 10 brand new songs on Frequency Unknown, but also will be hitting the road to perform the entire Operation: Mindcrime album at select venues across the nation in celebration of that album’s 25th anniversary. Make no mistake about it, Queensrÿche is still a musical force to be reckoned with and their legions of fans will undoubtedly be celebrating in 2013!




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