ZEPPELIN ROCK: Wacken Open Air 2015 - Grupos confirmados

domingo, 3 de agosto de 2014

Wacken Open Air 2015 - Grupos confirmados

Anoche mismo se cerraba la vigésima quinta edición del germano Wacken Open Air 2014, quizá el más importante festival del metal del mundo mundial. Todavía en marcha, y cuando Lemmy aún no había pisado el escenario, la organización ya ha anunciado un buen puñado de bandas confirmadas para el próximo año. Son así estos alemanes; lo tienen todo previsto. Quince grupos nada menos son los que han sido llamados a filas. De hecho la preventa comienza esta misma noche, así que ya podéis ir rompiendo las huchas si es que queda algo dentro.

Con estas palabras han sido presentadas en la página oficial cada una de las bandas:

TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA and SAVATAGE – only live shows in Europe in 2015!

Paul O´Neill and Jon Oliva are coming to W:O:A with their most important projects!

Trans-Siberian Orchestra will be performing live on stage at Wacken 2015, followed immediately by a Savatage reunion gig, that also marks their first live performance in over a decade.

Furthermore, these will be the only live appearances of both bands in Europe in 2015!

Running Wild
Time to sail under Jolly Roger again – Running Wild are back! Since their show in 2009, the band hasn’t played in Wacken anymore. But now it is time for Rock ´n´Rolf to return to the North!

In Flames
The melodic death metal juggernaut In Flames will return to Wacken in 2015! Next to their old hits, they will also bring their new album Siren Charms to the holy land – get ready for an explosive show!

In Extremo
Always highly welcome in Wacken and well known for their intensive performance – the Medieval themed In Extremo are going to hit the stage again!

U.D.O. – special Orchestra show
Udo Dirkschneider and his companions will travel with a huge luggage – the orchestra of the German armed forces will play with them in Wacken!

The Swedish whizkids Sabaton will again perform a spectacular show – and they have just released their new album Heroes!

Amorphis – Special “Tales From The Thousand Lakes” Show
Two years after they performed their acoustic set in Wacken, Amorphis will return with another special show. This time they will perform their legendary death metal masterpiece Tales From The Thousand Lakes!

Death Angel
After the thrash metal band was forced to cancel this year’s W:O:A performance, we could manage to get them for 2015 instead. Their last record, Dream Calls for Blood, was released last year and is the seventh studio album so far.

The wolves return to Wacken – after the amazing show at W:O:A 2013, the band will again perform their unholy power metal Mass.

The folk/viking metal band Ensiferum prepares the longships for the sailing to Wacken. They will play their fourth W:O:A show!

Get ready for Northern Hyperblasts! The death metal band Kataklysm comes to Wacken for the third time. In the meantime, they released two new albums, so there is enough new material for a neck breaking show!

Cannibal Corpse
Death metal returns! Cannibal corpse will shake the holy land with their new album A Skeletal Domain. It will be the sixth W:O:A performance for the band, but the last one was already a few years ago.

The most important metal export of Brazil will rock Wacken for the third time. In their off time, they released the 13th studio album, called The Mediator Between Head And Hands Must Be The Heart.

Back in 2003, the viking metal band Thyrfing played in Wacken – and now it they will finally return!



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