ZEPPELIN ROCK: Thunder - All You Can Eat (2016): Detalles y tráiler

jueves, 4 de febrero de 2016

Thunder - All You Can Eat (2016): Detalles y tráiler

El pasado 2015 el grupo británico Thunder se sacaba de la manga un discazo con el nombre de Wonder Days que entró con todas las de la ley a formar parte de nuestra lista oficial. Ahora la banda publica en una caja y bajo el título de All You Can Eat (vía earMusic) un doble CD y un DVD. Caras B, canciones extra y alguna cosita sorpresa grabadas en el Rak Studio londinense el 1 de noviembre de 2014, y en el segundo el Live at The Brooklyn Bowl del 6 de noviembre de ese mismo año. El DVD registra el documental sobre el disco de estudio de 2015 junto a fragmentos de las grabaciones de los discos incluidos en esta publicación que se hace en una caja. En fin, todo cojonudo y calidad a raudales.

All You Can Eat - 2CD/1DVD Digipack

Starter: Live at RAK Studio 1 CD:

1 - Wonder Days (Live)
2 - The Thing I Want (Live)
3 - When The Music Played (Live)
4 - Black Water (Live)
5 - Resurrection Day (Live)
6 - I Love The Weekend (Live)
7 - Chasing Shadows (Live)
8 - Serpentine (Live)
9 - Be Good To Yourself (Live)
10 - The Rocker (Live)
11 - Superstition (Live)
12 - Up Around The Bend (Live)
13 - I'm Down (Live)
14 - The Stealer (Live)

Main Course: Thunder Live at The Brooklyn Bowl CD:

1 - Backstreet Symphony (Live)
2 - The Thing I Want (Live)
3 - Black Water (Live)
4 - Low Life In High Places (Live)
5 - Be Good To Yourself Live)
6 - Wonder Days (Live)
7 - The Devil Made Me Do It (Live)
8 - Resurrection Day (Live)
9 - Stand Up (Live)
10 - The Rocker (Live)
11 - Love Walked In (Live)
12 - Dirty Love (Live)
13 - Up Around The Bend (Live)
14 - Just Another Suicide (Live)

Dessert: Wonder Days - The Film (& Bonus Content) DVD:

1 - Wonder Days Film

Loud Park (Bonus Video):

1 - Dirty Love (Live)
2 - The Thing I Want (Live)
3 - Higher Ground (Live)
4 - Wonder Days (Live)
5 - River Of Pain (Live)
6 - I Love You More Than Rock 'n' Roll (Live)

RAK Studio Sessions (Bonus Video):

1 - When The Music Played (Live)
2 - Resurrection Day (Live)
3 - I Love The Weekend (Live)
4 - Chasing Shadows (Live)
5 Serpentine (Live)
6 - I’m Down (Live)
7 - The Stealer (Live)

Live At The Brooklyn Bowl (Bonus Video):

1 - Black Water (Live)
2 - Low Life In High Places (Live)
3 - Be Good To Yourself (Live)
4 - The Rocker (Live)
5 - Love Walked In (Live)
6 - Up Around The Bend (Live)

Nota explicativa:

Disc 1 - Starter – Live At RAK Studio 1

The band was asked by their record label to record some live B-Sides and extra tracks for formats. The session took place at the famous RAK Studio 1 on November 4th and 5th 2014, during the two days preceding the band’s show at Brooklyn Bowl in the O2 in London. The band set up in the studio to record 100% live, and as quickly as possible. They played fourteen songs one after another, with no breaks, no stops, overdubs or fix ups. The end result is astonishing. There was also a live acoustic session the next day, which is currently being considered for possible release later next year (the tracks didn’t fit on the CD).

Disc 2 – Main Course - Live At The Brooklyn Bowl

The Brooklyn Bowl show on November 6th 2014 was offered free to fans, in association with Classic Rock Magazine. There was no fee for tickets, and fans applied online in their thousands for the chance to hear the band play brand new songs from ‘Wonder Days’, three months ahead of the release, alongside Thunder classics, and some never played before covers. The rules were pretty simple - no cameras, no video, no social media updates, just word of mouth. Thunder fans duly obliged, and the evening was stunning. The show was captured; audio and video, and eight of the songs were given away on the cover of Classic Rock Magazine in January 2015. The rest have stayed in the filing cabinet, until now…

Disc 3 - Dessert - Wonder Days The Film

A documentary made by Tim Sidwell from Toward Infinity, this film details the story behind the making of the ‘Wonder Days’ album, and features extensive band interviews, along with studio footage from the WD session, clips from the live session at RAK Studio 1, the Brooklyn Bowl live show, the triumphant March 2015 UK shows, and the Loud Park show, filmed for TV in Tokyo (Oct 2014). 60 minutes of pure Thunder fan joy…

The band will also be blowing the roof off arenas around the UK in February, with Terrorvision and King King in support, including a date at London’s SSE Arena, Wembley. Says lead singer Danny Bowes: “The shows in March were incredible, and the new songs went down just as well as the Thunder favourites. We can’t wait for February, so we can do it all over again.”


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